Past Meeting Information

April 2018 Work Plan Meeting

2018-04-17_OL Public Meeting GrandLks


February 2017 Work Plan Meeting




Annual Workplan Meeting September 8th

Fall Habitat Management Project

Habitat Management Plan Public Meeting 4


FWCOrangeLake PM4 Mtg Notes 4-21-2016

Sediment Workshop Presentations

CLARK FWC OL Presentation 3_8_2016 v2

Hoyer-Orange Lake Sediment and Tussock

Sediment Workshop_FWC(030816_PJM_final)

Habitat Management Plan Public Meeting 3

HMP Public Meeting 3 Presentation

Management Tools Handout

Survey Link

Hydro-geology Workshop

Means Orange Creek Basin WG Karst

MFLs ppt for OCB Meeting – Nov 5, 2015



October 13th Habitat Management Plan Meeting #2 Goals and Objectives

HMP Public Mtg2 10-13-15

August 18th Interim Management Proposal

Aug Interim Management Presentation Draft FINAL

August 18th Interim Management Public Meeting Q & A Summary

July 14th Habitat Management Plan Meeting #1


Meeting Notes_OLHMP_14-July-2015


PresentationHMP-PublicMtg1 7-14-15

Aquatic Herbicide Workshop March 3rd, 2015

Herbicide Workshop QA Final

Aquatic Herbicide Press Release


Orange Lake Citra Schardt 2015

Stakeholder Engagement Slides


Orange Creek Basin Herbicide Workshop

Pesticide Registration Federal

September 25th Meeting Documents

Orange Creek Basin Community Working Groups Draft

September 25 Meeting Presentation

Orange Creek Basin Compiled Public Comments

IAWG Questions and Follow Up Items From Stakeholder Meeting

Alachua County Sheriff Response to Airboat Curfew

December 4th Meeting Interim Management Plan

Orange Lake Public Meeting 12_4_14_Final

Orange Lake public meeting December 4th FINAL(12-03-2014)

IAWG Meeting Notes

April 2015 IAWG Meeting Notes

November 2014 IAWG Notes

October 2014 IAWG Meeting Notes

Jan 22 2015 OCBIAWG Notes